Mar 27 2015

Every Day is an Awakening

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“If every day is an awakening, you will never grow old. You will just keep growing.” Gail Sheehy

Is that the goal of Life? To keep growing, learning, and becoming who you are meant to be? Spring has birth forth in all her glory. (in my neck of the woods) The trees are full of blossoms, the daffodils stand tall and erect, stretching their dainyy necks toward the sun. This is the time of year I feel most alive. It’s as if anything is possible. Don’t you agree? I have unearthed my outdoor furniture, placed most of the garden art around the waterfall, and tucked away the winter gear until next year. I am living in the rhythmical spirit of the wild feminine. I am the diva who walks the earth like a barefoot fairy wearing the robes of wisdom, balance, clarity, with blessed connections to the natural world.

It is important to align with Mother Nature and her yearly cycles. Slow down and participate in the richness which is this plane of existence. The warming weather and the lengthening sunlight becomes the portal through which we embrace our aliveness. Isn’t it wonderful to be alive? Breathe deeply. Let your body take lead. She/he knows what to do and what it needs. Allow more time to play outside and create food which nourishes you and drinks that sustains your essence. Water with lemon is very hydrating. Fresh salads, vegetables, and fruits are nourishing.

The world will not slow down because it is on warp-speed, so you must slow down. Seize this glorious day because it will never come again.

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Mar 26 2015

Tolerance is a Life-Altering Lesson

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“I do not like the word tolerance, but could not think of a better one. Tolerance may imply a gratuitous assumption of the inferiority of other faiths to one’s own, whereas ahirhsa teaches us to entertain the same respect for the religious faiths of thers as we accord to our own, thus admitting the imperfection of the latter.” Gandhi

The seventh step of The Way is to develop and nurture a relationship with God, or whatever name you choose for the Divine. Never question another person’s connection to the Divine. No religion, culture, race, or philosophy is the only way.  Most of us embrace the religion of our childhood until there comes a time when our soul needs new nourishment. In that respect, religion is cultural and historical,

Is it just me or has religious intolerance grown in the world. As a student of history and literature, I know religious intolerance has always been around. During Gandhi’s time, (ahirhsa–nonviolence) there were clashes in India between the Hindus and the Muslims. The Hindus were non-violent and the Muslins tended to be the opposite.  Many people saw the non-violence approach as a sign of weakness, yet tolerance is a sign of strength. Throughout history, religions have been created by man. Wars have been fought over religion and land. There are religions which condemns the oppressed and the persecution of others.

As we go into this “holy” time of the year, vow to embrace tolerance and accept differences. It’s differences which make life interesting and rich. It would be awfully boring if we all were the same.

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Mar 25 2015

The Goal of Spiritual Living

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“The higher goal of spiritual living is not to amass a wealth of information, but to face sacred moments.” Abraham Joshua Heschel

The goal of spiritual living is not to spend you days sitting on a cushion chanting a mantra, developing psychic powers, contacting spirits, seeing auras, and energy healing. While those are all nice complements, the goal of spiritual living  is learning how to love. God is love. He/She does not sit on a throne. He/She is a living, breathing energy manifesting in all creation. The goal of your spiritual path, while learning how to love, is discovering who you really are beneath all the layers of consciousness and dense material. Every day is an opportunity to love and to find the hidden love in the spiritual adventure that is your life. There is wisdom and love in the Divine. Start accessing this by asking. Positive statements keep you grounded in the present moment and that is where you are most powerful. The sacred is in the ordinary–the way you set the table, the way you prepare your food, interact with your dog, your family, your co-workers, and your spouse. It’s also in the way you greet others along the path. And if you have the time to sit on your meditation cushion at the end of the day and give gratitude you live here and not in some hut without electricity in a third world country, then that is the icing on the cake of your life.

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