Oct 05 2011

Addictions Destroy Lives

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Addictions destroy lives. In The Way, the character Lori struggles with alcohol and Wanda acts as the wise woman and guides her in accepting her addiction, then to correcting her addiction.  But alcohol is not the only addiction that plagues people. There is gambling, shopping, over-exercising, TV, eating, sex, and many other addicted behaviors. Addicts have blurred boundaries and it is challenging to work with addicts to help them discover where they leak their energy and heal their addition so they can live their lives to the fullest. Many times an addict’s excess baggage of negative thoughts, limiting ideas, and poor self-esteem hang around them like a thick cloak and their mind is full of negative chatter. In the book, Lori’s low tolerance for boredom and the way she coped with life contributed to her despair. She was one of those people who used alcohol to dramatize and exaggerate her life experience in order to feel alive. Do you use a substance or an activity to help you cope with life? Most of us have adopted coping mechanisms to help us during times of stress. The road to recovery beings with one step. Embrace the seven steps of The Way to eliminate your stress so you can live a balanced and full life. A healthy body creates the vessel for the soul and helps you eliminate addictions.

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