Dec 03 2011

A Pain in the Neck

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 Mary Baker Eddy once said, “Health is not a condition of matter, but of the mind.” In my life I’ve had this concept shown. The third step of The Way is to stay away from energy thieves. There are people who take your energy for their own use. Oh, you wonder. That can’t happen. It’s all New Age nonsense. Well, I disagree. For the last several years I had this pain in my neck. It grew worse. I bought a new pillow, mattress, had some therapy, and while it would work for awhile, I’d go back to work and there it was: the pain in my neck and I figured out where the pain came from. We had an employee who used their energy to cause discontent, angst, and division between people. Always ready with a list of things I could do better, complaints about co-workers and managers, who wasn’t doing what they were supposed to, this person waited like a black widow to strike. Okay, you wonder. Why didn’t we get rid of this person? Well, this person was performing and wasn’t breaking any rules. In other words: we were stuck. (Yep, those labor laws.) Then this person quit. I couldn’t believe my good fortune, and then an interesting thing happened. The pain in my neck went away.  Yep. It’s gone. If you don’t think that stress can cause disease read Christian Goodman’s article: A friend’s husband, who was a practicing physician for years, saw this quite a bit in his practice. The toxic person is removed from your life and your health improves. Today remember that health is a state of mind and resolve to improve yours where needed.

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