Dec 18 2011

Your Divine Spirit

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“The divine spirit is inside of us. If it were not, the power to be good would be beyond our reach.” Seneca. On this Sacred Sunday remember who the real you is: spirit. I know it’s hard to remember, especially this time of year when every one’s to do list stretches off the table. Take time today for your spirit, your soul. Light a candle, sit in lotus position, breathe deeply, and give thanks for everything you have. Turn off the media. Silence your mind, which is probably screaming, “What are you doing here? We still have gifts to buy and wrap, cookies to bake, and cards to write.” It is important to honor the seventh step of The Way, which is to develop and nurture your relationship with God, or whatever name you choose for the Divine. Perhaps you don’t believe in God. Perhaps your mind reverts to the God you knew as a child, the God imposed on you by parents, pastors, or if you’re like me, the God the nuns and priests tried to convince me to believe in. Do what I did. When the God of my childhood no longer fit, I went searching. I read extensively. I went to other places of worship. I studied. I meditated. I sought teachers. What I learned was that faith is what you believe in, and religion is like shoes. Many times you outgrow them and some shoes fit better than others. So, look for a practice that fits your soul. Today is a good day to examine your relationship to the Divine. If your belief system has light and love then for you it is right. But if there is discontent and darkness, then empower yourself and begin your search for what resonates with your soul.

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