Jan 11 2012

Inner Dialogue

Published by Cathie at 6:38 am under Main

What constitutes the inner dialogue that runs through your mind during the course of your day? Is it composed of a long list of statements people have said to you over the years to put you “in your place”? Does your inner dialogue consist of other people’s worries and concerns? The sixth step of The Way is to let go of everything you no longer need or that no longer fits your life. Think of it as a mental closet cleaning. Just like you clean out your closets, drawers, and garage, periodically you must purge your thoughts. Give yourself the blessing of a mental and spiritual house cleaning. Take a long walk or sit in meditation and examine what thoughts are holding you back, frightening you, keeping you from your truest potential. Then gently tell them you no longer need them, put them in a balloon, and let them go. Watch as they float away and space opens up in your mind. (This is also a good exercise to do with people you’ve outgrown or the relationship has soured.) Have a great day!

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