Jan 24 2012

It’s the Process, Not the Product

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We live in a society where we are judged by our outcomes, the goods and services we produce. The fourth step of The Way reminds you that you are a creative being and to devote a portion of your day to creative pursuits. Now I don’t know about you, but when I’m creating there’s always the inner critic and she’s judging me every step of the way. Through many meditations and writing sits I have learned that it’s the process, and not the product. I refuse to get caught up in the end product. While I want to sell another book, etc, (who doesn’t), I remind myself to enjoy the journey and not worry about the end result, because it will take care of itself. The trick is to move forward, one foot after another, one word after another, that is how art is made. If you focus on the end result you lose the thrill and creativity of the journey. Creativity is the process. It is the flow. It makes you feel alive. I plan to always be working on a project until the day I leave this planet. So, today, if you don’t think you’re creative, remind yourself that you are. Perhaps it’s hidden and you need a field trip to uncover it. Find something to do that you are interested in and you will be pleasantly surprised at how creative you are. And remember. Everything is taken care of. It always is.

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