Mar 13 2012

A Sacred Space of Your Own

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Many years ago Virginia Woolf wrote that every woman needs a room of her own. While women have gained power and opportunities that she did not enjoy, that concept still holds true today. All women (men, too) need to create a sacred space of their own. While it is not possible for everyone to enjoy a room of their own, one can create a sacred space in a corner, nook, or alcove. This space must be yours alone. This sacred space is a work-free zone–no computers or cell phones allowed! This is the space where you get in touch with your soul, your essence, the real you that often wants to tell you something but the world is too messy and noisy for you to listen. In this space, I advise creating a small altar where you place a few personal items that have meaning for you. Perhaps a statue, some shells from a recent beach trip, a feather, rocks, you get the idea. Have a candle, a cushion or yoga mat for meditation, and your journal. At least once a day, carve out your time-out, even if it’s for ten minutes. (The kids will survive. I promise. Your husband will probably enjoy a few minutes surfing the web.) Retreat into this space. Light your candle and center yourself in your sacred space. Practice your breathing and listen. You will emerge serene and ready to tackle whatever is on your busy plate.

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