Mar 27 2012

Be Creative!

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“The most potent muse of all is our own inner child.” Stephen Nachmanovitch

Where lies your inner child? Is he or she hidden or buried under fears? Today go on an excavation and undercover the child you once were. We are all creative beings. Unfortunately, many of us listened to the experts who deemed themselves the Gods of Art. Sometimes these people were teachers not pleased that we didn’t color in the lines or  that our art work didn’t look like the example on the board. Perhaps your parents disapproved of your creative works, or you had a critic in class rip your art, story, sculpture apart. (Remember: critics are frustrated artists. They can’t or won’t produce, so they will tear those of us who do down to their level.) The fourth step of The Way is to participate in daily creative acts. I’ll give you another word for creativity–play, and I’m giving you permission to play today. Play feeds the soul. Play makes us feel alive. Play brings a smile to our faces. Before two hundred channels on TV and smart phones and computers, people worked on hobbies in their free time. Perhaps you’ve bought into the myth that you aren’t creative. Only the great artists are creative and you have a hard enough time just working and taking care of the essentials in life. Today, make a small change. Take yourself on an artist date. Visit a museum, craft store, gallery, book store, etc, and see what peaks your interest. Surround yourself with color and energy. Take a walk in Nature and see what your inner child has to say. I bet she/he wants to play!

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