May 22 2012

Describe Your Physical Health

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It started out like any other Monday at work–crazy. But one of my employees did not show and there was no call. As we were getting ready to call her, we received a call from a family member. Sadly, she had suffered a heart attack over the weekend and was in the hospital with four stints in her heart. Ouch! This woman had just gone through an operation four months ago where they removed a forty pound benign tumor from her abdomen. So, why am I telling you this? To illustrate how important the first step of The Way is in your life: Live your life to the fullest by being in good health. Invest your energy in yourself by creating a healthy body and mind so your spirit can blossom. When you neglect your health, it’s not just you who suffers, but those who love and care about you. Unfortunately, this woman had a couple of poor health habits. She smokes and was constantly at the vending machine. (We are a smoke-free work zone, and employees leave on their lunch to smoke.) Since we are all works in progress, we all have issues we need to address. Keeping this woman in your mind, what changes can you make in your lifestyle that will increase your good health? Start out small and once you master one, then create another one. My latest lifestyle change is a yoga routine I do when I return home from work. I have found that my body is fluid, I’m limber, and I sleep better at night. In the past, I have eliminated soda, and most processed foods. I’m sure you caught the most. I am still a work in progress. The path to a stress-free, full life is the path of love, gentleness, and self-discipline. Grow your life, don’t just live it, and make a contribution to the world.

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