May 23 2012

Giggle with Children

Published by Cathie at 7:02 am under Main

Today I have been invited, no asked because the little one is sick with croup, to play Nana and giggle. Even though this is one of the busiest weeks of the year, I arranged my work flow, assigned duties and responsibilities, and packed my Nana bag. No adult clothes for me. Kid-proof clothes. Children allow us to be silly, to stay in the moment, and escaped the world’s concerns. They don’t care about the political race, global warming, or the price of gas. All they care about is playing. They are excited to see you, unlike some employees who look the other way because you caught them doing something they’re not supposed to. Children allow you to see everything new. “Nana, Look! It’s a bug!” So, today I will firmly be in the moment and in the imaginations of the little ones as I don my super hero cape. Have a great day.

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