May 25 2012

Be an Artist and Recreate your Life

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Every one is an artist. Some of us have more developed skills in certain areas. For example, a good friend of mine is a wonderful cook. She’s spent countless hours in the kitchen perfecting recipes. Another friend is a wonderful gardener. Another friend is a photographer and has managed to create quite the business for herself. For me, I’ve been drawn to words since I was a little girl. The fourth step of The Way reminds us all that we are creative beings and to devote a portion of your day to creative pursuits. Oh, I know there are days you have no time, but I’ve found even on the busiest days I can find fifteen to twenty minutes to play. If your life tastes like stale bread, then perhaps it’s time to recreate the canvas. Pick something new to learn. Perhaps a language. Engage in activities that nurture your inner artist. Schedule daily play time. Come on. How many old reruns to you need to watch? The days are longer. We all have more energy. Use that extra light and energy to recreate your life. Art is for the soul and for the child that resides within. Remind yourself that it is the process, not the product. I was reminded of this the other day when I was on Nana duty. Of course, the four-year-old had to stay home, too. He wanted to help me take care of his sister and he wanted to play all day, which we did. I slipped into his make believe world where I was a super hero, a villain, and a cow girl. We went on imaginary journeys, and when we all lay down to take a nap, guess who fell asleep, too! Many of us have a three day weekend ahead. This is a good time to let your artist out and recreate your life.

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