May 31 2012

Most People Are About as Happy as They Want To Be

Published by Cathie at 8:17 am under Main

Mark Twain once said, and I’m paraphrasing, most people are about as happy as they want to be. When you are happy and positive, every day gets better, the sun always follows you, even if it’s raining. But you have to make that mental determination upon awakening every day, even if you feel a touch under the weather. This truism was illustrated yesterday by some customers waiting for their new unit. When my business manager greeted them and said what a wonderful day for their new trailer, the gentleman smiled and said the sun always follows them. Every day is wonderful. People like them are a pleasure to serve. The challenge is with the ones who come in with a cloud of darkness hovering. Ah, those energy thieves. Remember, the third step of The Way is to stay away from energy thieves. They drain and deplete you. But the question I pose to you today is are there times you revert to the dark side and drain others? If so, strive to make the necessary changes in your life so the sun follows you and remember, if you’re not happy it’s your own fault.

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