Jun 03 2012

A Day of Rest

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Sunday, the Sabbath, a day of rest and relaxation as I prepare my body, mind, and spirit for the challenges of the week ahead. I have discovered that in order to better serve I need a day of rest, a break from the world. For me, when I burn the candle at both ends, I end up depleted, angry, and bitter. So years ago I quit the rat race and stepped off on Sundays because I didn’t like who I was becoming. Since following the seven steps I have embraced all steps, but especially the seventh: Develop and nurture a relationship with God, or whatever name you choose for the Divine. Never question another person’s connection to the Divine as no religion, culture, race, or philosophy is the only way. While I spend time daily in prayer and meditation, on Sundays I devote more time. Years ago I attended Mass, but like many religions, my spirituality grew pass what happened between the Church’s walls. There are times I attend, but like Thoreau, I have discovered the Divine in Nature. Thoreau once said, “An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” I’ve already had mine. How about you?

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