Jun 09 2012

Seasons of the Vineyard

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(Reno, NV – June 5, 2012) Seasons of the Vineyard is packed full of twists and turns, romance, a strong woman character, beautiful settings, family struggles, secrets, drama and adventure. Everything you want in a book.

Francesca Bernard ran away from her family vineyard because she was determined to live a different life–one without the grapes and her secrets. But when Enrico, the foreman, calls her home because her father’s dementia is making it impossible for him to manage the vineyard, she and her son return and discover the vineyard and her father in dire need. She assumes her father’s role and deals with the complexities of running the vineyard, his aging, and Enrico’s advances. The grapes are struggling. Money is tight. Her father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Her teenaged son experiments with drugs, and Enrico is still in love with her. Through sweat and hard work, Francesca rediscovers that the rhythms of the vineyard are deeply restorative. She becomes certain of one thing: she wants to resurrect the vineyard and prove everyone wrong. She is willing to do just about anything to prove she can be a world-class vintner–even if that means sleeping with the competition. Her relationship with the bad boy of the Sonoma Valley sparks jealously in Enrico, and he abandons her and the besieged vineyard. Francesca is left to fend for herself, but is determined to uncover the secret of the Zinfandel wine that once made the vineyard famous. This wine will allow her to become a renowned vintner, but the secret is buried with her mother. How is Francesca able to save the vineyard and uncover the secret of the Zinfandel, deal with the past, and come to terms with her true love?


You can read the first chapter and buy the book on: (Kindlehttp://tinyurl.com/7o6q8fo)


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