Jun 10 2012

Embrace the Sabbath

Published by Cathie at 10:09 am under Main

Today, on this Sacred Sunday, I urge you to embrace the Sabbath. Rest, relax, and rejuvenate yourself for the coming week. As you enter this blessed day, reflect on your link with the earth and the world of Nature. Remember that you are linked with all living beings. Come to a place of peace and balance in your own heart, the place of light and love. The sun is almost at its zenith, and you are filled with energy. Use your energy wisely, choosing activities that honor and nurture you. Take a break from the madness of the world. Go on a walking meditation. Enjoy a nap or rest. Play some beautiful music. Inhale deeply and receive all the goodness the universe is happily giving. Read a book that nurtures your soul. Follow this activity with some play: painting, knitting, gardening, cooking, or some other creative project in which you feel no attachment to the outcome. Practice your yoga. Rehydrate with cool, fresh water. Dine outside. Go to bed early. Now, don’t you feel better?

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