Jun 22 2012

Do You Have Energy Thieves in Your Life?

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Do you have energy thieves in your life? I bet you do. We all do. I like to think of them as vampires sucking the life force out of us for their own consumption. Like vampires, energy thieves need your energy to live because they have already depleted their own and must go searching for others’ energy to live. The third step of The Way is to be aware of energy thieves, who are people who suck your energy. Choose not to be around these negative and manipulate people. Learn the art of saying, “No.” When I first wrote the book, I said to gracefully say No, but what I’ve learned over the last few years is that  gracefully doesn’t cut it. Vampires are only out for themselves and will do anything to get your energy. They stand too close to you. They invade space, choosing their victims who have weak personal boundaries. Are you one of those people who becomes over-involved in others’ problems? Do people come to you to fix their lives? So what’s a person to do? First take a good hard look at your own life. Be honest with yourself. Step back from those who want something from you and examine the situation. Decide if this is really something you want to do or something you think you have to do. Then surround yourself with good, healthy people. They will repel the vampires. When an energy thief doesn’t get from you what he wants, he will seek out his next victim.

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