Jun 24 2012

I Find the Divine in the Mountains

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Today is Sunday, the Sabbath, the day set aside by society to honor God, the Goddess, whatever your name for her is. Growing up Catholic, we went to church and listened to the sermon in Latin; albeit a beautiful language, one I knew very little of as they didn’t teach the language in my school. As I grew older and read most of the major spiritual texts, I understood that church walls can’t contain my beliefs. Personally, I find them restrictive, so I set out to find my own way. Where I have found the Divine is in the mountains. While I pray and walk, meditate, and practice yoga daily, it is on Sundays when we take a long hike up the mountain. We leave early, before the trails become clogged with other hikers. This morning we had the trail to ourselves. The only sound was the wind rustling through the Aspen leaves, the trickling of Brown’s Creek, the occasional keer of the hawk, and the songs of the birds. As my feet traverse the mountain path, my breathing slows, my mind, body, and soul are at peace. This is when I hear the whisper of the Great Goddess. She speaks softly, giving me knowledge and guidance. I could never hear her in church. For me, there are too many people and their thoughts floating around, and the distractions of stand, sit, and kneel. What I can tell you, is that your spiritual growth is a progression and you must do what your own soul wants. Usually, it comes in a whisper, softly, never really demanding. Churches are great for community and friendship, but you must uncover your own path.

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