Jun 26 2012

Let Go of the Things That Keep You From Hope and Love

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The Buddha once said, “Why cling to the pain and wrongs of yesterday? Why hold on to the very things that keep you from hope and love?” Well, examining my own life, sometimes people hang on to things because we carry that martyr complex. And in my childhood religion martyrs died–most of the violently and young. Growing up Catholic and living with a woman who still manifests the martyr complex, I learned the art of being a martyr. We were even taught in school that good girls sacrificed, good girls ate the smallest chicken leg, leaving the rest for others.  But sometimes life throws in your lap the catalyst for change. And that is what has occurred for me. There are things I need to let go of–even if I’m one who performs the position the best.  But I have learned that I’ve built up resentment because I expect other people to care as much as I do. So what am I going to do? Step back. Hire another person and let go of all the things that keep me from hope and love. Life is too short to play the martyr role. I’m way too tired.

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