Jun 27 2012

Do You Enjoy a Glass of Good Wine?

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  • Seasons of the Vineyard by Catherine MacDonald

    Catherine MacDonald likes to write stories about women who overcome odds, who look struggles squarely in the face and go forward. Romance, twists and turns and California grape country. 

    Reno, NV (I-Newswire) June 26, 2012 – Seasons of the Vineyard is about a woman coming home to herself, her family, and coming to terms with her past. Like all of us, Francesca has parts of her past she doesn’t want to acknowledge, but life is funny. It puts them in our face, whether we want to deal with them or not. She must deal with the failing vineyard, her father’s dementia, her old lover, and her teenage son. Francesca is a collector of famous quotes, and she gathers her daily strength from them. Francesca rediscovers that the rhythms of the vineyard are deeply restorative and she becomes convinced she wants to resurrect the vineyard and prove everyone wrong. She is willing to do just about anything to prove she can be a world-class vintner–even if that means sleeping with the bad boy of the Sonoma Valley. Of course this develops problems with Enrico, the foreman and her former lover. He abandons her and the besieged vineyard and she is left to fend for herself, but is determined to uncover the secret of the Zinfandel wine that once made the vineyard famous. This wine will allow her to become a renowned vintner, but the secret is buried with her mother. The progression of the book follows Francesca as she saves the vineyard, uncovers the secret of the Zinfandel, deals with the past, and comes to terms with her true love.


    I have read and written reviews for a few books. None have left me wanting more than this book, Seasons of the Vineyard. If you like a strong woman character, this is the book for you. I couldn’t put it down. There are twists and turns throughout. I spoke out loud in a few places. Pleading or getting angry at some of the events. But that’s a sign of a great book. You get involved. You can’t help it.

    If you love learning too, this book will take you to wine country where the author, Catherine MacDonald, shows you how grapes are grown and how wine is made. You know that Ms. MacDonald has done her research. It’s very educational as well as a great romance. I laughed in spots and got mad in others. That’s the sign of a well-written book. Ms. MacDonald has a knack for pulling you in from the beginning and makes you want more when you are finished.

    This book is for women and men. Men can learn about the wine making process and how a strong woman can achieve through hard work and determination. Women will love and identify with the main character, Francesca, as she is pulled in many different directions, but finally does what she is meant to do, run a successful vineyard. I don’t want to give anything away, so get the book today. You’ll be glad you did.


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