Jul 01 2012

Ordinary Riches

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“Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken away from you.” Oscar Wilde

As a writer, I am an observer of life and one of the things that I find interesting is the quest for material possessions. While everyone likes having nice things, it is the preoccupation of the material that I find interesting to observe. People are more concerned with what’s parked in their driveway, how much is in their accounts, and the latest designer wear instead of being concerned about the riches of their souls. When you develop the riches of your soul, no one can take them away from you, unless you allow it. Patience, gratitude, peace, kindness, love, empathy, optimism, and joy must be cultivated by you. Daily, you must work on these traits. No amount of material goods is going to develop them. Wealth, like happiness, is never obtained. There’s always that next monetary level, or that next car or house. Today, as you enjoy this Sacred Sunday remember that it is the energy of your soul that is the essence of life.

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