Jul 03 2012

We Are Constantly Being Tested

Published by Cathie at 7:50 am under Main

We are constantly being tested by life. Daily, it seems that we must roll the dice to choose the correct answer. But what I’ve learned is that we always know the correct answer. There are times we choose the pathof least resistance. We blame others for our bad luck because we have refused to honor the warning signs that popped up along the way. Yesterday this concept was illustrated at work. Two young people, who have had many difficulties in the past, were let go in the busiest time of the year. As my husband and service manager said, “Can’t we wait a little?” The easy thing would have been to wait, to ignore the behavior, the issues that are glaring. But I stepped outside of myself, and sadly shook my head. Right is right. Wrong is wrong. We have to set an example to the others who work hard, obey our rules and society’s rules. What I have learned in life is the the Universe abhors a vacuum. I will find the right people. I might have to work harder and smarter at the moment, but perhaps that is the test.

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