Jul 06 2012

Do You Take Personal Responsibility for Your Life?

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Do you take personal responsibility for your life? Or do you blame others for your own bad luck? Often we blame others for our bad luck, mistakes, or missed opportunities refusing to honor the warning signs along the way or refusing to accept responsibility for our own lives. I’ve seen this quite a bit lately. As business owners, we employ over thirty-five people and we are constantly looking for qualified help. The day after the holiday I had two people not show up for work. One, a brand new hire, never called or showed. The other, who had been on the job four days, called in after the work day commenced and said her family went to a lake and they all got sick. Hmm. That brown-bottle flu bug strikes again.

Emily Dickinson said, “Luck is not chance–It’s toil–Fortune’s expensive smile is earned.” In other words, luck involves personal responsibility. It involves full, participatory living. Training the mind, body, and soul is like playing the game of tennis. In tennis we understand that the person who hasn’t practiced is not going to do well in a game. There is no instant mastery of tennis. Tennis calls for hard work–just like life. In other words: Show up. Be present. Live in the moment. Do your best.

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