Jul 11 2012

How to be An Artist?

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There is a poster that hangs up in my yoga/art studio written by SARK. How to be an Artist. Daily, as I perform my yoga postures, I commit to memory her advice on how to find the inner child in me and play. Unfortunately, most people do not acknowledge the fact that they are the artists of their own lives. Your life is your work of art. Capitalism puts a monetary value on a piece of art, but no one can put a price on the creation that is your life. I find summer, with its long days and warm temperatures, a perfect time to take my paints or crayons outside in the evenings and play. Some people like to play in the kitchen. Some people like to play in the garden. The point is to get out there and let your inner child play. Make it your mission to do something every day that brings you total bliss. Today brainstorm some ways that you can bring your inner artist alive so you can bring more child-like pleasures into your life.

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