Jul 12 2012

Your Second Act

Published by Cathie at 7:52 am under Main

Our culture is obsessed with youth. It is glorified, revered, and displayed on billboards, magazines, and TV. I always get a kick out of a doctor’s ad for facial work. The woman on the billboard must be all of twenty-five. People who identify themselves with their body tend to find the second half of life a burden. It is a fact that the body changes. The skin sags and one’s hair turns grey or white. But it is your attitude that will help you navigate the sands of time. Often, I see people who desperately cling to their youth, as if they are trying to resurrect the young person they once were. All life is change. The Buddha taught impermanence. When you only have your physical appearance to depend on, there is no escaping the clock. Today embrace whatever age you are. Light your lamp of beauty inside. Let go, and you will glow brighter. Embrace that your beauty comes from within. People respond to inner beauty. We are all looking for the kind of beauty and love that grows with time.

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