Jul 15 2012

Serenity at the Lake

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Yesterday, while kayaking with my father, I was reminded of the blessings the lake bestows, the serenity of her waters, and the caress of her  fresh air. With each deep glide of my paddle, I surrendered to the moment, the waves, and the wind. Looking across the lake, I saw the setting for my book, The Way. I was reminded of something I wrote as I observed the new crop of homes that are being built. They are tearing down the old and replacing them with giant mansions that go from one end of the property line to the other. “The present status of the lake illustrates most people’s problems. Lake Tahoe is a living organism trying to cope with the changing times and the people’s demands on her.” Wanda pointed to the towering casinos at the south end, the highway cluttered with traffic, and a parade of sleek motorboats cruising across the water’s surface. “The lake has to cope with the influx of tourists and businesses, the insatiable developers who try to cram condos into her every corner, and the ski resorts that have ruined the beauty of the mountains. The challenge has proven psychological and physically damaging and she struggles to accommodate all of this while trying to hold on her her integrity and serenity. There are many people out there who are trying to steal her beauty for toxic use. People are wasting her splendor by squandering stingily for themselveswithout putting anything back. This destroys the balance of nature. In the evenings, if you listen closely, she whispers her story.” Well, she did whisper yesterday and I listened with each deep glide of my paddle. She wants us all to be good stewards, to keep her waters clean and the forests safe from the destruction of fires and bark beetles. She is thankful to all who put their time and energy into her so that future generations can enjoy her beauty.

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