Jul 17 2012

Life is an Action Verb!

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Today get busy being born again, living your life with all the positive energy you can. Refuse to allow doubt, fear, procrastination, and inertia to enter your being. Stop blaming others for what you perceive the harm they are causing or have caused you. Suck the marrow from life and let go of the people, places, and things that hold you back. And if you think you can’t do something, change the word can’t to can. Adopt a can-do attitude. I read an article about a young man who had it all–then a car hit him. He was told he would never be able to stand or walk, and the doctors thought he wouldn’t be able to use his hands either. But this young man told the doctor you don’t know me. I will walk again. I will stand again, and I will play baseball. Against all odds, this young man crafted goals, worked out using various strengthening devices, and gradually got stronger. He spent hours in the gym, he read more, he worked with an investment expert who taught him to trade, so he used his mind, he endured surgeries, and in the end, he stood. On his own two feet. While he will never be the athlete he was, he had become someone he always dreamed of: a positive, productive,  and a contributing member of society.

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