Jul 19 2012

How Do You Unplug?

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Sometimes we all need to unplug from the world, to step back off the busy escalator of life and recharge our batteries. For many of us, vacations provide us the opportunity, but then how many times do you need a vacation from your vacation? Unless you are the idle rich, most of us only get a couple of vacations a year. So how do you keep your sense of center, your peace and calmness, in a sea of chaos? Living in this complex world proves challenging for me. Phones ring, faxes sputter their messages, emails fill my inbox, people need things from me, sales people call and try and persuade me I need their services. This employee has a crisis. That employee is late. Children call. Parents call. Sometimes I want to scream! But I have found a way to manage all of this and stay somewhat centered. Each of us must find our own way of coping with this crazy world without resorting to activities that harm us. For me, meditation and yoga helps. It centers me, slows my breathing and allows my mind to expand to the possibilities of the universe. After my mind is calm and the day had slipped off me, I am able to continue this feeling by de-plugging from any media source. No TV. No Internet. I might turn on some classical or light jazz if I feel like it. I light a candle. I sit out by the waterfall and I just be. And it is in the quiet of my mind that my spirit speaks.

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