Jul 20 2012

Stay True to Yourself

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Shakespeare said, “This above all, to thine own self be true.”  After hundreds of years, these word still ring true.  But how do you stay true to yourself, especially living in a complex, materialistic world? Did the people of Shakespeare’s time have the same concerns? Of course they did. One of the reasons to study history and literature is to study the themes of mankind, and when you do, you will understand that they don’t change. They’re just dressed in different costumes and have different props. Staying true to your core beliefs is important if you are following the spiritual path, the path of your soul. But first you have to discern what your core beliefs are? And this takes personal reflection, self-examination, and hard work. For example, if you value integrity then you will “walk your talk.” The words you speak mirror the actions you make. If you value love and kindness, then you will offer love and kindness to everyone you meet, not just those it’s easy to. Looking for a manual, or a person to tell you what to do, is not useful because all answers are within. Some difficulties in our lives are caused by plain old inertia. What are your core beliefs?

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