Jul 22 2012

Don’t Stay Anchored to Your Past

Published by Cathie at 10:23 am under Main

The second step of The Way is to live in the present moment, but how many people do you know still anchored to their past? Or perhaps you are still anchored to yours. When you drag the anchor of your past behind you, this heavy anchor inhibits your future from unfolding. While we are all the sum of our past experiences, the only way to go forward is to let go of the past. Stop worrying. All worrying does is tense your body. When you worry, you direct energy to the past or future, two areas you have no control over. Forgive those you have harmed you. Bless them on their way, and use your free energy to create your life.

Today on this Sacred Sunday take the time to give thanks to the Divine for this wonderful experience/experiment that is physical life. Send blessings to all who are in pain, to all those who are suffering, and remember that you must be the change you wish to see in your own life.

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