Jul 29 2012

Your Sacred Duty

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“If we are to respect others’ religions as we would have them to respect our own, a friendly study of the world’s religion is a sacred duty.” Gandhi

Why not on this Sacred Sunday step out of your comfort zone and explore another religion or philosophy? Unfortunately, most wars are fought over religion, which is man-made. Most religions teach that theirs is the one true way. Growing up Catholic, it was drilled into our heads by the nuns and priests that our religion was the one true religion and those who did not believe in our doctrine would go to Hell. On our way to Mass, we would drive by the other churches and as I watched the people enter I knew that God didn’t care what religion they practiced, as long as they believed. As a result, I’ve spent my life reading and studying other religions and sacred texts. Usually what we think about a religion or a philosophy is not the entire truth. The truth gets lost in the translation and semantics. I have not studied a religion or philosophy that did not concur that we are to love God and love our neighbor. When I taught CCD, that was the premise of my classes.  Love God and love your neighbor. It is your sacred duty.

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