Aug 02 2012

In Wine There is Truth

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In Seasons of the Vineyard Francesca returns home to the family vineyard to help her aging father. She ran away because she was determined to live a different life–one without the grapes and her secrets, but life has other plans. How many times has that happened to you? We try to shrug off our past, but our past is woven into our being like the vines in the vineyard. Until we deal with our past, the demons in our soul will continually rise up and demand attention. And does Francesca have a few demons! She reminds me of some of my employees who arrive to work with steamer trunks filled with their problems. Francesca is like many of us–she buries her head in the ground and doesn’t want to deal with her problems. She is a collector of quotes, putting them up around the house to remind herself of what is true, and when she comes across Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of her dreams,” she starts to think about her future. Perhaps she can resurrect the Zinfandel wine that once made her parents’ vineyard a stop on the wine tours, but the recipe is buried with her mother and her father’s mind is slipping into dementia. And thrown into the mix is her former husband, her former lover, and the bad boy of Sonoma. Why Zinfandel wine? Because the vines came from the old country with her parents, and like her past, they are always part of her. The Zinfandel wine is the metaphor for the book. But I’m not going to give it away. You need to read the book and enter the contest.

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