Aug 04 2012

Develop Mental Toughness

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Do you have that  “can-do” attitude? Have you developed the mental toughness that helps you live your life with courage, integrity, and optimism?  Henry Ward Beecher said, “Men’s best successes come after their disappointments.” And without disappointments, one can not measure successes. So how do you develop mental toughness is a victim-centered society? Start by following the seven steps of The Way, which will help you create balance and lessen stress in your life. When your health and spirit is in the flow the obstacles that life throws at you are easier to handle. Keeping your body in good physical shape helps because you feel better and have more energy in which to handle your tests. A meditation practice centers and connects you with your breath. Keep wise counsel. Don’t waste your energy with people, places, things and ideas that don’t connect with your inner essence. It’s just not worth it. And remember, the earth plane is school. The object is to pass your lessons so they don’t reappear.

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