Aug 05 2012

Sacred Sabbath

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“Let nothing disturb thee,  Let nothing affright thee, All things are passing, God never changeth.” Saint Teresa of Avila

Today is Sunday, a traditional day of rest. When I was growing up, stores and businesses were closed, but in our fast-paced materialistic world everything is twenty-four seven. Today I invite you to create your own Sunday rituals. Release yourself from the grip of your ego that demands you constantly do and acquire, and just be. Here is a simple activity designed to get you in touch with your inner essence.  Spend fifteen minutes in nature. Find a tree or another living object that you can sit or stand beside. Settle into your body. Calm your breath. Use this tree as your meditation teacher. Close your eyes and follow the breath. In for eight counts. Out for eight counts. When thoughts enter your mind, and they will, let them go. Don’t judge them. Realize they are your ego’s way of getting attention. But for these fifteen minutes it’s you and your breath. As your mind quiets and you sink into the moment, listen to the voice of your soul. Ask for guidance in your life. Listen. Sometimes the answers come later. Bless yourself. And give thanks.

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