Aug 07 2012

Denial Is Not a River in Egypt

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Okay, it’s not the Nile, but use your imagination! When my son was a little boy, he always used to say, “Denial is not a river in Egypt, Mom.” Looking back I wonder how many times I played the denial game. Do you play the denial game? Do you refuse to accept the reality of a situation? Perhaps it’s your aging, your health, your financial security. The only constant in life is change. I know a man who smoked two packs a day and when he was diagnosed with lung cancer he said he couldn’t believe it. He never thought it would happen to him. An elderly woman caring for her very elderly friend was asked if she thought about assisted living to make life easier, and she said it had never entered her mind. The point is to get you to look closely at your own life. Are there areas you are in denial about? How we handle our tests in life depends on our ability to recognize the potential scenarios and apply the discernment and wisdom we have gained. We have to accept and embrace change. Change is the natural order of the universe. Man is constantly inventing new technologies that make life better. Healing is embracing what is most feared. Examine your life and see if you have any areas you are in denial about. Slowly bring them to the surface. Ask what the lesson is. Ask for guidance. And listen.

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