Apr 29 2010

The Second Step

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The second step of The Way is to live in the present moment. When you worry, you direct energy to the past or future, two areas that you have no control over. Forgive and let go. You have a savings account of energy and when you waste energy on negative thoughts and behaviors you deplete that account. Living in the moment is a way to deal with stress. Well–yesterday I depleted that account and as a result I have a nasty cold. As I earlier stated, these steps were given to me and this spirit has a sense of humor because this is the step I struggle with the most. Oh, I have learned all the tricks–surround myself with white light, clean my chakras in the shower, deep breathe, practice mindfulness, but I am a work in progress, this is my journey, and daily I struggle with this step. But today is a new day. The sun is poking out of the clouds and the snow is glistening. Yes, we still have snow at my house. My poor daffodils are fallen soldiers and they don’t understand why winter keeps colliding with spring.

So, today I vow to live in the present moment and thank God for most this amazing day.

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