May 26 2010

Solid Core of Peace, Grace, and Wisdom

Published by Cathie at 7:37 am under Home

This is life. It’s hard. We get dirty. Things don’t always go our ways, especially when you are dealing with governmental agencies. But we must continually remind ourselves that deep within is a solid core of peace, grace, and wisdom. We need to follow the seven steps of The Way so we do not allow others or outside events to steal our energy and determine our peace of mind. We must remember to live in the moment, eat healthy, get enough sleep, play, create, work with a purpose, pray or meditate, and let go. So, today as I deal with the DMV (for the third time)  to get all these rental registered I will remind myself of the seven steps. (If you’ve ever dealt with Nevada’s DMV you know what I mean. Here the state is crying for money but they are making it extremely difficult to register twenty motor homes. Unfortunately, there is no critical thinking!)

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