Jun 10 2010

I Can’t Drive 55!

Published by Cathie at 7:37 am under Home

Yes, today I am the double nickel– the same age that Jimmy Carter said we must all drive in the seventies. Sammy Hagar and I have something in common, and Denny’s wants to give me a price break! I’ve got to remember to go to Ross on Tuesday, and I might head down the to the Gold Dust West Casino for their 55 specials.  How did I get here so quickly! Wasn’t I just in high school. No wait–college! No, I was a young mother and school teacher, and now I’m a grandmother and business woman. I have learned to follow the seven steps of The Way, live in the moment and savor this day and all other days that come after for that is where I find my peace and serenity. I’ve met many people throughout my long life that have a problem with getting older. They deny their age, they try and look and act younger. While I’m all for looking my best, I don’t spend hours and tons of money trying to be someone I’m not. I am what I am. Pop culture does not help. It idolizes people younger than my children. Today I recognize the wise woman inside and embrace the crone. I have eliminated the energy thieves from my life, I create, and I participate in meaningful work–more on that tomorrow, and I have a wonderful relationship with the Divine. So today, I going to drive my salsa red beetle, with the flowers in the holder and turn my radio on loud as I celebrate, “I can’t drive 55!”

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