Jul 29 2010

Meaningful Work, Continued

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As I watched my techs ride off yesterday on their motorcycles to go to bike night and realized how blessed I am that I employ a group of people who not only respect me but each other. I smiled with gratitude and thanksgiving at the Universe for sending them to me. Step 5 of The Way is to participate in meaningful work that adds value to your life and the lives of others. I was asked to join them at bike night, but the only bike I have is a pedalling bike and I do think I would be out of place! As an employer, there are times I feel that I am the keeper of souls at work. I strive to create a workplace where people not only feel successful working, but are allowed to grow and develop as human beings. All life is the playground and the employees at my business get along well with each other. They show up for work a half hour early to drink coffee and talk. I do feel that the changes we have made at work has attracted thisgroup of people on a soul level. As I said yesterday, I never in a million year thought that I would be an RV Dealer with 32 employees. But once I accepted that, worked hard to change the norm our business took off. Go out and have a productive day and hug a co-worker. Buy the book. Get bonuses. http://bit.ly/thewaybook

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