Aug 17 2010

The First Wealth is Health

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Ralph Waldo Emerson said this many years ago: “The first wealth is health.” It is our responsibility to take care of our body, which is the instrument for the soul. This is also the first step of The Way: Live your life to the fullest by being in good health. Invest your energy in yourself by creating a healthy body and mind so your spirit can blossom. This step rang true yesterday because I felt horrible. I had a nasty sinus headache that never went away. As a result I did not follow the other steps and counted the minutes until I could go home, take a shower, and lie down. Today the sinus headache is still there, but it is not as severe and I will be able to follow the steps. The problem is we have all our windows open at night so the house cools down. My husband refuses to use the air-conditioning. This has nothing to do with being green on his part, he’s just 100 percent Scott. (think thrifty) Now you are probably wondering why I don’t a a sinus pill, but I have an eye condition that prohibits them, so I suffer and use a neti pot. The weather is supposed to cool down after today and that will help my sinuses. As I drink my fresh-squeezed juice, I contemplate this most amazing day and thank the Divine for my good health.

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