Oct 10 2010

Explore and Define Your Purpose

Published by Cathie at 8:07 am under Home

Today take time to explore and define your purpose on this beautiful planet. Discover your mission and commit your energy and you will be fulfilled. What will you leave behind? Did you make the world a better place? Did you have meaningful relationships? Did you make a difference in some one’s life? When you make your exit from this beautiful planet, will you feel content and joyful to rejoin the Divine?  I always think of these things, and try to live by the seven steps of The Way. I have learned that my purpose changes as I proceed on my journey.  I have invested my energy in meaningful relationships. One of the relationships I’ve been nurturing is the one with my grandchildren. I did not have involved grandparents and my children’s grandparents lived out of town. So, I have made an effort in being a Nana and along this path I have rediscovered the joy of toddlers. The simplest things entertain them, along with silly songs and dances. Mealtimes are entertaining. I did not know you could wear food as art! Bugs are fascinating and a box is a fort. Today, explore and define your purpose, and perhaps take a box and make a fort. It really is fun!!

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