Dec 26 2010

Look At What I Did!

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Look at what I did! And you do, too. Christmas arrived, left, and we survived–the chaos, clutter, fruitcake if you were so lucky, and the relatives! Everyone received gifts they wanted. We all enjoyed meals and wine, great friends, and the kids ran around, their eyes wide with excitement.  Joanna turned one and wore her birthday cake all over! She spent the day dressed in her birthday tutu. Ah, she is so cute!  Because I have been working the seven steps of The Way, staying in the moment, away from energy thieves, taking care of my health, creating, participating in meaningful work and investing my energy in the pursuits that have meaning and value for me, I sailed through! My relationship with the Divine even made the day more special. Now that the chaos of the season is behind me, I can tuck everything away for another year. I plan to replant, rest, and rejuvenate my soul for the coming year. Today, on Sacred Sunday, I pray for grace so I can enjoy a greater sense of flow and harmony to meet the upcoming year. I pray that grace enters your life, too.

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