Jan 26 2011

Do You Hold Grudges?

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Are you still holding that grudge against your sister? Are you angry with your spouse? Do you gossip about one of your co-workers? Are you sure you are right every time? Do you over do perfectionism?  Do you allow people to manipulate you? Do you allow people to demand things they have no right to demand and out of guilt you  give them what they want? (Okay, this one hits home with me!) If any of these statements resonate with you then you are allowing energy thieves and energy wasters to take your daily precious chi. That’s right–today we are talking about the third step of The Way. Today, strive to release all those energy wasters that are rumbling around in your mind. Stay away from manipulative people, and you know who I am talking about–the people who steal your energy for their own use. Practice the art of saying, “No.” I can’t hear you. Say “No” again! See, it wasn’t that hard. Be like the Buddha and guard your thoughts. Do not spend, waste, or lose your energy on pursuits that do not honor your soul.  Let go and Let God. And remember that looking for a manual, or a person to tell you what to do in your life is not useful. Following the seven steps of The Way will help you find meaning in your life and is the beginning of a future you can fall in love with. Now, go out there and make it a spectacular day!

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