Oct 08 2010


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Catherine MacDonald writes about vibrant, brave, strong, and hardy women. Growing up in Sacramento, California her library card was her passport, and the books she read were her adventures.

Always fascinated by the written word, after college Catherine took her keen love of books to the classroom for twenty-five years.

Catherine uses her dreams, visions, and experiences to create her multi-layered themes of love, relationships, and spirituality.

She is the proud mother of two grown children (and son-in-law) and nana to her grandson.

She lives in a cozy house filled with books, her new puppy, and her husband Paul. She invites you to read her books and enter her characters’ lives.

“. . . if your body and soul are not balanced, or if your energy is blocked, your basic life force will be slowed down. Once you find where you leak energy, or where your energy is blocked, you can begin to change those behaviors.”


“A great summer read with a powerful message!”

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