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Oct 12 2013

Travel Well

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“It is better to travel well than to arrive.” Buddha This morning as I put the final touches on my travel plans, I am reminded of this quote. While we are boarding the jet plane to travel to France, I must remind myself that the journey is the destination. Our friends left yesterday and have [...]

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Mar 21 2013

How To Live the Best Year of Your Life?

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I feel lucky today because today is the first day of my journey. Perhaps you are joining me. While I can’t promise you’ll lose twenty pounds, meet the person of your dreams, increase your wealth, I can promise that together we will expand time in order to live our best life. When you learn to [...]

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Sep 22 2010

Self- Nurturing

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On this journey, following the seven steps of The Way, I have learned that I have to treat myself well because if I don’t no one else well. This insight took me years to realize. I used to think that people would actually want to help me, but I have learned that they are caught up [...]

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