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Oct 25 2011

Be Here Now

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The second step of The Way is to live in the moment. In other words, be here now, a popular saying years ago. The reason why this is so important is that many people fritter their lives away by being preoccupied by the past or the future, forgetting the present moment, which is where eternity [...]

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Jun 14 2010

Creativity and Mindfulness

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One of the steps of The Way is to devote a portion of your day to creative pursuits. I can hear you now. I don’t have time for creative work, I have to go to work, drive the kids to soccer, cook dinner, etc, etc.  While we all have those tasks, I have found that when [...]

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Apr 29 2010

The Second Step

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The second step of The Way is to live in the present moment. When you worry, you direct energy to the past or future, two areas that you have no control over. Forgive and let go. You have a savings account of energy and when you waste energy on negative thoughts and behaviors you deplete [...]

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